Robert Maynard LifelockRobert Maynard Lifelock:

Robert Maynard, founder of the very successful public company LifeLock, is a serial entrepreneur. Before attending college, Robert enlisted in the Marine Corps as combat engineer for the United States Marine Corps based in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. He served as an officer in the Army’s 12th Special Forces Group for almost ten years. He graduated from Northern Arizona University College of Business Administration with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Finance and Mathematics. Robert graduated after only five semesters while working full time. He graduated number one in the state university system with such awards as The Truman Scholarship, the Wall Street Journal Award, Distinguished Military Scholar, as well as a spot in Beta Gamma Sigma.

In 1995, Robert Maynard and his friend founded Internet America, which became Texas’ largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) when the company went public in 1998. He created and developed Internet America’s corporate brand and developed the infamous 800 Be A Geek campaign.

In 2001, Robert was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which caused him to lose his Internet fortune, divorce his wife, and end up on public assistance.

In 2005, Robert Maynard co-Founded Lifelock with Todd Davis. It all started in Robert’s bedroom as he developed the company’s strategy, product, initial systems, marketing, and advertising campaigns. Robert implemented LifeLock’s “My Social Security Number is” campaign as a marketing strategy that attracted more than a million and a half customers and helped raise over $240 million in capital.

Robert Maynard was associated with a scandal at LifeLock that revolved around the entire basis of the foundation of the company. The bad press and publicity caused Robert to resign from LifeLock. Doctors later found out that Robert had gone through bipolar mania induced by Electronic Convulsive Therapy (ECT), giving him no recollection of the alleged incident.

Today, Robert Maynard is running the company iValidate that he founded in 2011. iValidate is the worlds first consumer-direct credit bureau, and the company is soon to launch its flagship product.

Between Robert’s own projects, he consults to companies, typically startups and consumer marketing companies concerning their product development, implementation, and marketing strategy. In 2007, Robert founded Strategy Factory, a marketing consulting company. At Strategy Factory, Robert Maynard tried to help companies emulate the great success that he had at LifeLock in terms of their marketing strategy.

Robert is an experienced C-Level executive who believes that leading employees and managing systems should be the foundation of any strong company. His expertise comes in technology, engineering, consumer marketing, direct response marketing, operations, finance, cultural development, business development, and leadership.